If Xpress Bill Pay is unavailable, or if you are more comfortable speaking directly with one of the City’s friendly Account Clerks, please feel free to contact the City Clerk’s Office at 775.423.5104 to pay your utility bill over the phone. You can also use any of the four (4) utility payment drop box locations throughout the City to make your payment.

City Council

The mission of the City Council is to ensure public safety, enhance the quality of life within the City,

and advocate and encourage community involvement.

City Council Function

As a legislative body, the City Council consists of elected council members who hold the responsibility of adopting the City’s annual budget, acting as the city’s planning board, setting city policy, and serves as the City’s Utilities Commission and regulating body. The council legislates by passing ordinances, which become city laws.

In addition, the City Council also audits City agencies for performance and holds budget oversight hearings on City departments. Council members oversee all City departments and develop long-term plans and strategies.

During a voting period, the Council designates polling places, appoints two election clerks and an election inspector for each ward.

Outside of specified roles on City Council, council members participate on various boards and committees per the Mayor’s direction and confirm the Mayor’s appointment of City officers.

City Council

City Wards