Fallon Municipal Airport (FLX)

Owned and operated by the City of Fallon, Fallon Municipal Airport (FLX) is a public-use general aviation airport situated on approximately 451 acres with two runways at an elevation of 3,966 feet.

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City of Fallon: (775) 423-5107

Walt Wardwell (FBO): (775) 423-3756 or (775) 423-9996


Triannual Goals for the Airport

Click here to download FY19-21 & FY22-24


Primary Runway 3-21 (Asphalt): 5,703 feet long and 75 feet wide; gradient of approximately 0.1 percent. Load bearing strength is published at 17,000 pounds single-wheel loading, equipped with non-precision runway markings

Crosswind Runway 13-31 (Unpaved dirt): 3,580 feet long and 60 feet wide. No gradient; load bearing strength unknown.


Rotating beacon: located on southwestern side of the airfield

Runway Pavement and Edge Lighting: Runway 3-21 is equipped with a medium intensity runway lighting (MIRL) system. Runway 13-31 is unlit.

Runway Threshold Lighting: Runway 3-21 is served by threshold lighting

Visual Approach Lighting: A precision approach path indicator (PAPI-2) is available on approach to Runway 3-21

Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL’s): Runway 3-21 thresholds are equipped with REIL’s

Taxiway Lighting: All taxiways are equipped with blue medium intensity taxiway lights (MITL). The main GA apron is equipped with apron edge lighting.

Weather Communications

FLX is served by an automated weather observing system (AWOS) and is equipped with a lighted wind cone, segmented circle and tetrahedron.

Aviation Services

Aircraft fueling: self-serve Jet A and 100LL are available for purchase with a credit card on a 24-hour basis (owned and operated by Fallon Airmotive).

Parking, maintenance & instruction: Aircraft parking, hangar space/leasing, flight instruction, aircraft maintenance and vehicle parking are all available at FLX.